Our Doctrinal Statement

Here at Village Baptist we are passionate about God's Word (the Bible) as the sufficient authority that addresses all of the issues of life. We believe that its words are God-breathed, preserved down through the centuries and through translation into the various world languages by the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, so that what we have today is the authoritative Word as originally communicated.

Here is our Doctrinal Statement.

What is a Baptist?

In this 21st century, we live in a culture where things are changing rapidly. Many local churches have opted to drop from their names any denominational references, trying to make themselves more acceptable to a broader spectrum of society. We of Village Baptist Church have decided to keep the “Baptist” label, because essentially we are Baptist. So, what is a Baptist? The linked acrostic (originally created by L. Duane Brown), explains what we believe.

Follow this link to learn about the Baptist Acrostic.